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Today marked the day I nearly passed out when doing a blood draw… For starters, I didn’t get to have my usual water bottle this morning as I forgot to fill it up before I left. This wasn’t a huge deal because I decided I’d just fill it up at the clinic and drink it […]

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At 11:03am, we transferred a little embryo back into my uterus for safe keeping. We are praying for a sticky baby and a healthy and happy nine month pregnancy! University Hospitals fertility center has multiple doctors under their “roof” and I’ve worked with three out of the four. However, the one who we had our […]



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Womp womp. It’s Monday again. I think we can all agree that weekends need to be longer. Can I be honest with you all for a second? I am bored, like just in general, with my life. I feel very stagnant in a lot of what I do every day, and I cannot decide if […]