Hannah Caraballo

Founder, Designer + Florist

Flowers haven't always been on my radar. I actually started in this industry as a bridal consultant back in 2011. But I've always loved creating with my hands, and when an industry friend asked me for a floral favor a few years back, it all felt like it clicked. 

Then the pandemic happened. 

People (myself included) have been re-evaluating what is important in their lives since then, and while I sometimes can find the wedding industry to be overbearing, anything worth celebrating is worth making lovely. 

Five fun facts:

My husband and I are high school sweethearts and together we have two dogs (Beau & Buster) and two little girls (Cora & Caroline)

I will never, ever say no to ice cream. Mitchell's Cinnamon is my personal favorite. 

I live in slippers when I'm at home, even in the summer time. 

Disney World is my happy place! If you have a trip coming up, or one you just got back from, I want to hear all about it. 

I am a published author - in 2021 I helped collaborate on a book regarding infertility and overcoming struggles related to that diagnosis. We hit the bestseller list.