Hannah Caraballo

Founder, Designer + Florist

Since 2011, I've been working in the wedding industry in some capacity - from a luxury bridal gown consultant to a certified wedding planner. I've always enjoyed learning and being cross trained, so to speak, in the industries I work in. I've always had a keen eye for design and stumbled into floral work by doing a favor for a friend (and let's be real, who doesn't love big fluffy flowers). 

Outside of work, I am a wife, girl mom (and dog mom), Christian, homemaker, friend, author, and infertility advocate. I love to cook and bake sweet treats from scratch. Birthday parties are my super bowl and I will never miss out on a chance to host others. 

Five fun facts:

I have a heart for hospitality - whether that's for a large event, inviting friends into our home, or meeting with clients. My mission in life is to serve you and leave you feeling well loved, fed, and taken care of.

I have a massive sweet tooth and can be a bit of a cake snob, but my favorite dessert is ice cream.

If I could, I would be barefoot all the time.

I am an enneagram type four, but I get mistaken for a two fairly frequently.

I am a soon to be a published author! 

You're probably wondering

Why are you not taking on any additional planning clients?

Simply, this is what serves me and my family well in this season. I believe wholeheartedly in pivots and growth, and knowing when to take a step back from certain things. I've been planning weddings since 2013 - since then I've gotten married myself, dealt with infertility, job changes, disappointments, lots of happy couples, and had a baby. As much as I enjoy planning, I enjoy being home to put my daughter to bed at night more. And that's okay. For everything there is a season, and this is the one I am in right now. 

All current planning contracts through 2022 will be honored. Any new inquires will be directed to other trusted planners in the area.